About Us

How UQS will help you?

UQs is a commercial body of like-minded professionals from various fields and areas of interest, with the common intent of serving humanity at large to improve its status; economically, in education and health, as well as in religion. Keeping social responsibility in the front, we encourage ourselves to act ethically.

UQS has among its ranks doctors of various specializations, engineers of multiple disciplines, professors and teachers, and so forth, all working in one capacity or another to fulfill the aims of the organization. UQS has many lofty goals to achieve, and it is looking to have as much involvement by various Muslims as possible to carry this noble task forward.

To attain this at a large scale, UQS is striving to build a group and a team of professionals from other Communities also, Corporates, Educational Groups, Health Service Providers, Social Welfare Organizations.

Comprises of:

A – Assalam Foundation Salvation
B – Business Key Services Sustainance
C – Career Creators Education
D – Doctors info Desk Health Care

Real Objective of UQS is “Aim to live your life to its fullest”.

You can get all the wealth and fame you want, but if your life is not balanced, then you are not successful. We need to have a balance in the following four aspects.

Your Career and Finance.

Your Physical Health.

Your Personal Development.

Your relationships with others & GOD.

If you lack even one aspect, your life will be crippled. Let us see what would happen if you were to lack one of them:

  • Prosperity: your career would be ordinary; you would fall short of your potential. You might even live with financial problems.
  • Health: you may not live with energy and vitality. You might also become sick.
  • Learning: you would miss many opportunities in life for one simple reason: you do not know about them.
  • Social: you would not feel the happiness of friendships and family life. You might also feel lonely or depressed.
  • Salvation: you would feel empty inside, no matter how successful you seem on the outside. It is as if everything you have achieved is meaningless.

You need all of the above to live your life fully. You cannot afford to neglect even one.

If you take care of the above, you will grow in a balanced way. You will become a better person day by day.

Unfortunately, many people obsess over one aspect of their lives at the expense of the others. They might be so obsessed with their work, for instance, that they neglect their family, health, or spirituality. Sadly, the realization often comes too late and becomes a lifetime regret.